About Us


In 1991, a uniquely visionary alliance of local businessmen, county commissioners, and city commissioners banded together to create the Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC).  In addition, they created two business/industrial parks (visit Site Selection for availability).

These leaders gave PCEDC the following mission:

"The purposes and objects of the Corporation are to encourage local businesses and industries to expand and new businesses and industries to locate in Pottawatomie County, Kansas, by implementing a comprehensive program of economic development. The Corporation may engage in any activities not precluded by law in furtherance of these purposes and objects."

Because of the foresight of that original alliance, the PCEDC, with ongoing core budget support from the Pottawatomie County Commission and the help and financial investment of many private and public partners, has been able to make major contributions to industrial and business growth in Pottawatomie County.


Pottawatomie County is one of the most rapidly growing counties in Kansas, with a population of more than 22,000 people of whom 20-25% have a direct relationship with Kansas State University. The county is quite large and diverse with a land mass of 862 square miles, of which slightly less than 1 square mile is shared with the City of Manhattan (1/862nd). There is no one major dominant community, but rather 12 incorporated municipalities from less than 100 to about 4,500 residents. One unincorporated community, Blue Township, is the fastest growing residential area of the county with more than 3,000 residents. Most of the county is rural and agricultural but there are city centers scattered across the county.
The regional MSA economy is more than 50% dependent on government expenditures (Fort Riley and Kansas State University are chief among them). However, Pottawatomie County is diverse. For more information on the diversity of the county's economy, check out Our Economy

The county is faced with huge opportunities if it aligns its development strategies appropriately. The Corporation is uniquely positioned to help facilitate needed alignment.  Read our Current Strategies to learn more about how PCEDC helps existing and new businesses.