Agriculture, Bio-Science and Animal Health

Pottawatomie County has multiple competitive advantages that make the agri-business industry a promising source of potential future economic growth. Pottawatomie County sits in a multi-state region (including parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas) that has some of the most productive agricultural farmlands in the world. It is also in the middle of one of the top cattle-producing regions in the world (including parts of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas). Pottawatomie County has an ideal geographical location for agri-business firms whose primary function is to produce or distribute goods to the U.S. market because it is situated between the geographical center of the U.S. (Lebanon, KS) and the nation‘s mean center of population (Plato, MO).

Pottawatomie County has a strong existing support infrastructure of industries related to agri-business including ag services, finance, ag equipment and ag related manufacturing, which is an advantage in attracting new agri-business firms. Kansas State University, which is ranked in the top 25 universities in the U.S. for agricultural sciences R&D investments, is a major regional asset immediately adjacent to Pottawatomie County that supports growth in Pottawatomie County’s agri-business industry.  Food processing is a dominant sector in the west due to the direct access to an abundance of raw food materials, (including pork; beef; soybeans; corn; wheat; barley; canola and other rapidly growing organic products.  

Impact of Agriculture & Food Sectors on the Pottawatomie County Economy
Impact Type Employment Value Added Output
Direct Effect 1,219.5 $63,867,419 $252,206,522
Indirect Effect 374.1 $24,144,522 $46,988,409
Induced Effect 227.5 $11,057,929 $22,883,045
Total Effect 1,821.1 $99,069,870 $322,077,976
Agricultural Employment
Source: IMPLAN data (2014) adjusted for 2016. Retrieved from the Kansas Department of Agriculture.