Tourism & Recreation

Historically, tourism has not been a significant part of Pottawatomie County’s economy.  However, In recent years, the potential for a thriving tourism and recreation industry has been realized with the success of new ventures such as the OZ Museum, the Oz Winery, and other new attractions. Continuing tourism development is enhanced by Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation and our partners engagement with the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, the Freedoms Frontier National Heritage Area, the Kansas Sampler Foundation, and the Travel Industry Association of Kansas.

 Outdoor Recreation is available through an extensive system of existing hiking, biking and equestrian trails on and near our recreational lakes. Hunting and fishing are the Kansas River has recently been designated a National Water Trail and 3 recreational river access landings have been built within the county.

Future tourism expansion opportunities exist in historic commemoration, expansion of recreational trails, and promotion of organized sports.

The scenic beauty of the Flint Hills, the multiple water sources (Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Kansas River, Big Blue River), and the strong historical heritage of the area are all distinctive advantages that develop a successful tourism and recreation industry based on Pottawatomie County’s unique qualities.
Toursm and Recreation