Infrastructure and Site Development

Objective A: Identify new sites and improve the inventory of industrial product (sites and buildings) recognizing that prospects must be shown the best alternatives
Strategy 1: Conclude identification of sites with Olsson & Associates for one or more business or industrial parks to be anchored by Target Industries: (bio-technology/agri-business/food processing, back office/regional information technology) in Blue Township, and along the 24 corridor between Manhattan and Wamego.

Strategy 2: Assist communities with north of the 24 corridor in identifying potential industrial/commercial sites as well as to assist in Wamego and St. Mary's.
Objective B: Work with county and city officials to enhance infrastructure in the country to further roads, water, sewer, etc.
Strategy 1: Map existing and identify planned infrastructure; roads, streets, water, sewer, gas, electricity, high-speed broadband telecommunication related to both existing and planned industrial and commercial development sites to determine if they meet the current and future needs in that sector by working closely with county staff using GIS where possible.

Strategy 2: Identify infrastructure needs related to industrial and commercial development sites and work with public/private entities to provide accurate cost estimates and implement a plan to provide said improvements.

Strategy 3: Continue to advocate for rural broadband system expansion especially in incorporated areas of the county outside the 24 corridor as well as to encourage infrastructure development inside older schools to allow for sufficient fiber optic development.
Objective C: Continue to advocate for more housing, for both workforce and management throughout Pottawatomie County.
Strategy 1: Conduct Workforce Housing Needs Study in concert with the Flint Hills Regional Council as they finish completing the housing study for the seven county region of the Flint Hills.

Strategy 2: Examine and advocate need for more senior housing in Pottawatomie County for the next 20 years.