Kansas Energy Profile

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  • Quick Facts
    • In 2018, Kansas was the 10th largest crude oil-producing state and accounted for about 1% of U.S. total oil output.
    • Kansas accounts for nearly 1% of U.S. total natural gas production, and the state has 16 natural gas storage fields that equal about 3% of U.S. storage capacity.
    • Coal is the largest single energy source for electricity generation in Kansas, and in 2018 accounted for 39% of the state's power generation.
    • In 2018, Kansas ranked among the top five states in total wind energy generation and had a larger share of electricity generated from wind energy (36%) than any other state.
    • Kansas is one of the top 10 ethanol-producing states, and the state's ethanol plants have a combined production capacity of about 500 million gallons a year.