Major Highway Systems


Interstate 70

Perhaps the most important and well-known road in this area is Interstate 70. Founded in 1956, this major highway runs from Utah to Maryland. It passes many urban centers such as Denver, Kansas City, and Indianapolis. Route 99, which runs through the middle of the county, links to the interstate.

Kansas Highway 16

This state route runs through the northern section of Pottawatomie County. On its western end, it connects to U.S. Route 77, which can take you to Lincoln, Nebraska. Its eastern end connects to U.S. Route 40, which goes to Kansas City.

Kansas Highway 99

This state route runs through the middle of the county and connects to Interstate 70. To the south, it runs through Emporia, Kansas and even extends into a nearby area of Oklahoma City. 

Kansas Highway 24

This historic U.S. route goes from Central Colorado to Michigan. Heading east on this famous highway, you can pass through Topeka and Kansas City.

Kansas Highway 63

This state route runs through the eastern section of our county and connects to Route 24 in St. Marys.