Economic Gardening

“Economic gardening” is an economic development strategy that focuses on strengthening existing companies, businesses and organizations within our community.

Economic Gardening may provide local entrepreneurs with competitive intelligence on markets, customers and competitors that is traditionally available only to large firms. This information may include data-mining resources and geographic information systems as well as developing connections between businesses and the people and organizations that can help take the business to the next level; associations, universities, etc.

Economic Gardening services are available to existing businesses in our county that have grown past the startup stage but have not grown to maturity. 

PCEDC is the designated local partner empowered to link local businesses to economic gardening services through Network Kansas. As the designated local partner, we are able to nominate any company in our county that has reached "2nd-stage" status to economic gardening service at no cost to the company. Over the past 3 years, 4 local companies have taken advantage of this service, and all have indicated a high degree of satisfaction with their initial engagements.

More information on Economic Gardening Services can be found on the Network Kansas Website: