Our Economy

Pottawatomie County has a strong, diversified economy with rapid job and business growth. The county boasts a real GDP per capita of $45,665, compared to the state GDP per capita of $41,070. Our Education and Healthcare industries account for 31.8% of the county's total employment. While the United States Education and Healthcare industries grew by 17% from 2001 to 2009, those two industries grew by 50% during that same time frame here in Pottawatomie County. Manufacturing also has a strong presence in the county. The industry grew 81.6% from 2001 to 2009, where the U.S. manufacturing industry actually declined by 27.9% during that time frame.  The Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries combined make up over 50% of the county's total employment. The agricultural sector here is sizable and employs many people as well.

Top Five Industries by Dollar Value and Share of Economic Output, 2013
2012 - 2013 Economic Enviroment  
Nominal GDP $967.2M
Average County Wage $31,100
Economic Output Growth Rate 6.6%
Jobs Growth Rate 1.8%
Unemployment Rate Change 0.4pps
Median Home Prices Growth Rate 8.3%
2014 Annual Labor Force 11,327
2014 Annual Unemployment Rate 4.2%
2001-2010 Job Growth 18.55%
2001-2009 Business Growth 20.71%
2013 Average Annual Wage $34,657
Largest Non-Farm Industry Education & Healthcare
Largest Employer GTM Sportswear
Unemployment Rate
Pottawatomie County currently boasts an unemployment rate of 3.4% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2017).

Average Annual Salary (2014)

Industry Salary
(AFFH) Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting $33,881
Construction $51,890
Real Estate $22,495
Manufacturing $44,404
Professional Services $43,418
Wholesale Trade $41,719
Transportation, Trade, and Utilities $38,690
Finance and Insurance $43,253
Accommodation and Food Services $10,103
Retail Trade $27,403
Management $52,253

Number of Establishments

Total (2014) 633
AFFH (Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting) 19
Construction 96
Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade
Finance and Insurance
Real Estate
Professional Services
Educational Services
Health Care
Accommodation and Food Services
Wholesale Trade 36
Transportation, Trade, and Utilities 134
Management 3
Health Care and Social Services 38