Back Office

Kansas has an overwhelming number of locations in back office and financial services. Much of this due to the attractive tax environment in Kansas for offices as opposed to Missouri. Wages for back office personnel are substantially lower in Pottawatomie County than the competing communities. There are many young talented spouses of military personnel as well as university-aged adults available for work. In fact, many employers interviewed commented on the availability of spouses of military personnel and availability of students on a semi-part time basis.

Pottawatomie County is an ideal location for white collar work.  Many companies such as LiveWatch, CivicPlus, Tallgrass Commodities, and GTM Sportswear have found success in the region.  Pottawatomie County has the infrastructure and amenities necessary for companies of national scale to be successful here.  Labor costs and conditions are very important for an administrative back-office function; samples of Pottawatomie County salaries for office personnel can be found here.  Click here for more information on how Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation can help your business be the next local success story.

Successful Offices:

LiveWatch -  
"In the 1990's, while Kansas paramedic Chris Johnson served as Director of the county EMS service, he saw the importance of fast communication and response times during an emergency. When he founded LiveWatch in 2002, Chris brought his passion and experience to an industry that needed help. The security systems of the time were simply not good enough. LiveWatch was on a mission to create cutting-edge home security that would be accessible and affordable to ordinary families. Today we're still carrying out and expanding upon that vision by developing innovative home security solutions like ASAPer, which is the fastest system for connecting with your loved ones in an emergency. The systems may be more powerful than they were in 2002, but our day-to-day goal remains the same: treat every customer like a family member and make sure they get only the best and simplest solutions for their individual safety needs."


CivicPlus - "Over the past 20 years, we’ve partnered with over 2,000 local government clients, helping them connect with citizens in more meaningful ways. With our CivicEngage, CivicHR and CivicReady software suites, we tailor our easy-to-use solutions to meet your unique needs. And while we have powerful programs and intuitive technology, it’s our people who truly make it all work for local government."


Pottwatomie County (Manhattan) Compared to Competing Areas