Regional Labor Shed

This page focuses on the Regional Labor Shed of Pottawatomie County, or basically who lives and works in different regions of Northeast Kansas. Pottawatomie County is by no means isolated, instead it shares several important linkages and a shared labor pool. The county has strong ties to Riley County (Manhattan) and Shawnee County (Topeka), and to some extent, the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. 

The image below depicts the percentages of people who live and work in the region. So, 39.3% of people who live in Pottawatomie County, work in the county. 20.1% of people who live in Riley County, work in Pottawatomie County.
The image below depicts where Pottawatomie County residents commute. So 36.6% of the county's workers commute to Riley County, or 10.6% for Shawnee County.
According to 2014's "On the Map" by the U.S. Census Bureau, 5,679 people commute to Pottawatomie County for work. 3,652 people live and work in the county 

5,679 people, or 60.9%, live outside the county and commute to jobs within. The remaining 3,652, or 39.1%, live and work in Pottawatomie County and their mean travel time to work is 24 minutes.

Bureau of Labor Statistics