Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship

GOAL # 5 SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Continue to develop programs for small and new business as well as supporting their efforts for legislation and advocacy and working closely with existing resources.

Objective A: Continue to work closely with Network Kansas on their programs and participate in loan programs and small business development.

• Strategy 1: Continue to develop use of the E-Community Revolving Loan Fund which is available to start-ups and other small businesses for gap financing. In addition, utilize the Startup Kansas loan fund as much as possible and continuously inform financial institutions about our lending capacity.

• Strategy 2: Promote other Network Kansas programs such as Kansas Ice House and Destination Bootcamp where entrepreneurs gain significant knowledge about an entrepreneurial mindset and marketing development.

• Strategy 3: Continue to support and administrate the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) with all high schools in cooperation with Network Kansas.

• Strategy 4: Continue to examine the feasibility of developing a fab lab/maker space in Pottawatomie County.

• Strategy 5: Continue the financial support of the Washburn Small Business Development Center having them developing more seminars and workshops to benefit small businesses in Pottawatomie County.

• Strategy 6: Continue to promote the “Value Builder” program through the Small Business Development Center for business succession planning.

Objective B: Support programs to assist tourism, history and agriculture that will benefit small businesses and target new retail opportunities that will enhance the tax base in Pottawatomie County.

• Strategy 1: Financially support tourism/visitor opportunities in Pottawatomie that demonstrate economic value for a community by examining rate of return for each event. Events such as the Wamego Tulip Festival, Shakespeare Festival, the Westmoreland Barbeque and the Pottawatomie County Fair qualify.

• Strategy 2: Support eco-tourism programs, such as the Kansas River bicycle trail by seeking more funding and reviewing grant opportunities with the Flint Hills Regional Council and ag-tourism businesses such as the 456 Winery and Bluestem Orchards as well as ag-tourism events.