Economic Impact of Agriculture

Impact of ag (2)

(Data from the USDA Census of Agriculture (2017), retrieved from the Kansas Department of Agriculture 2020 Ag Statistics Report)

Pottawatomie County Agriculture Statistics

The following information is based on the Kansas Department of Agriculture's Pottawatomie County 2020 Ag Statistics report. The report utilizes the most recent IMPLAN data (2018) and the IMPLAN data model to create a report analyzing the contribution of multiple agricultural sectors on the economy of Pottawatomie County. 

The report identifies and analyzes 28 of the 71 agriculture-related sectors in Kansas in the contex of Pottawatomie County. These 28 agriculture-related sectors are reported to have a total direct output of around $321.4 million, and to account for over 1,400 Pottawatomie County jobs. The following chart displays the output of  the IMPLAN model for all 28 agriculture-related sectors: 

ag, food, food processing sect contributions

The total value added by the 28 agriculture-related sectors (agriculture, food, & food processing) is around $11.7 million, which is around 9% of the Gross Regional Product. 

The report also identified the following sectors as the top ten sectors in regards to employment:

Top ten employment sectors

The following chart demonstrates "how much revenue is generated in other sectors by having a strong agriculture industry, including direct, indirect, and induced effects..." in regards to the 10 sectors wtih the highest output (Kansas Department of Agriculture, 2020 p. 2):

Top ten output sectors

The following chart presents the output and employment contributed to the Pottawatomie County economy by each of the agriculture-related sectors (not including ethanol production, or wholesale or retail sales of final products).

all sector overview

See the full report for more details on the data and statistical methods used.